Privacy Policy

All information is protected and secured

All account information we receive directly from you, such as account creation details or account modification details and contact customer support details, request on-demand service requests, and other details, is kept secure. We know that privacy is important to you. The company will only share your details if you are sure it is authentic. In any case, the company or its associate members will not disclose the information. Company guidelines are followed to protect sensitive information such as name, phone number, and email address. Profile picture, postal address, product request, delivery address, and any other details you may provide. We respect your privacy. All staff and associates involved in the site adhere to strict guidelines and usage policies.

You have accepted the terms and policies

You agree to our current privacy policies by using our websites. You agree to all terms and conditions as set forth in the company's current guidelines. Please do not use our site if you find any irrelevant information or disagree with our terms and conditions.

We collect specific information

Your information is kept confidential by our working team and any other user involved in the processing. The personal data of all users is available to our employees and processors. They are required to respect any information that has been collected in accordance with the company's guidelines. We use a variety of methods to collect information and we ensure that confidentiality is maintained. We collect information in the following categories.

  1. Your location information: If you use our services to place any order, your exact location is tracked via GPS and network-based sources. You can use Healthywe wellness to allow access to the website's location services using a "mobile operating system". This is done only through the permissions system. To send retail store promotions, we can also get the exact location of the device running in the background. Our team can also track your exact location using your IP address to speed up the website.
  2. Contacts information- We can access your address book through the permission system to gather the required details, such as store names or contact information. This allows us to facilitate social interactions with our services. We use the information to determine if the user has a network connection and give the option for the user to call the number.
  3. Transaction Information- Our team collects all details about your transactions using our services. This includes the services requested, the time they were provided, the charged amount, the place of the order, and any other details. If someone uses your promo code we will associate their name with you. This allows us to access data faster and helps us catch it.
  4. Preference and usage information- We collect certain information, such as the way you and your site visitors interact with our services, their preferences, and the setting that is most appropriate for them. In some cases, we use similar technologies and cookies to create unique identifiers.
  5. Device information- We keep all the information about your mobile, including operating system, version, device model, software, file name versions, serial numbers, advertising identifiers, and information regarding device motion, to help you retrieve and improve the performance of running apps. We can access your information using the details stored on your device. This allows us to easily locate accounts, such as your phone number and read your phone status. It also helps us recognize our identity.
  6. Call and SMS data- We make it easier for customers and users to communicate. We also receive call data which includes the time of the call and the received date, SMS message content, phone numbers of the parties, as well as OTP(s) for the SMS messages.
  7. Log information- We collect information from our servers when you use our services. This includes information such as device IP address, page viewed, access dates, times, system activity, and any third-party sites or services you visited before you accessed our services. This information can be used to verify network connection, receive data from the internet and enable reading of phone status.

How we use your personal information

When you use our websites, we consolidate your personal data and use it to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected. You can review the details of how we use your data and how we protect your identity from an external source.

  • We may use your data to contact you about future Healthywe wellness products, promotions, and other products and/or services. This is to inform you of any changes or improvements to the product.
  • We use your information to track different user activities on our websites, improve our marketing and promotional efforts, identify key areas, analyze strategically the site usage, and improve the website design, content, and features in order to improve our marketing strategies.
  • We use the information we get to improve our services, such as facilitating payments, providing products or services that you request on time, and sending receipts.
  • Based on the information that we receive, services are customized and improved. We strive to offer more enhanced features and better social connections.
  • These internal operations include how to prevent fraud and abuse of data analysis research and testing. Activity trends and analyses are also monitored.
  • You may receive important communications, including information about products and services, events, news, and promotions.

Healthywe wellness aims to provide you with a healthy, meaningful experience by using your personal data. We also aim to promote our products in a cost-effective and efficient manner simultaneously.

Conditions for sharing your information

Any information that we have about you during the course of business can be used by other companies for their purposes, provided certain conditions are met. These conditions may apply to the sharing of your data:

  • Sometimes we offer third-party data correction and analysis services to correct or update the data we have collected on our websites. This is to help us improve our production efficiency and our database.
  • Agents, fulfillment houses, suppliers, and other third parties may share personal information to enable the delivery of products, services, and information.
  • Through promotional offers or partnerships, third parties assist in providing the service requested by you third party or us.
  • These third parties can access your personal data if they are required to perform functions for Healthywe wellness, but these parties cannot make any unauthorized use of your personal data until it has been used for its intended purpose.
  • You can view any content you have submitted to a public forum, including blog comments, social media posts, and other features.
  • We may share your information with third parties if you have allowed us to share information, such as information from other websites or apps.

Future Privacy policy changes

Healthywe wellness reserves all rights to make any necessary changes to the privacy policy at its sole discretion. We will update this policy with any changes or additions. We encourage you to visit this area often to keep informed. We will first ask your permission to make any changes in the information we collect and how we use it.

Grievance Resolution

Any complaint, concern, abuse, or violation of policy terms or content shall be immediately reported to our customer care representative.